Video Uploading and Deadlines

This is pretty much the same only this year’s theme is “Community. What’s it to you?”

Videos submitted after December 10th will not be guaranteed to be uploaded in time. Our volunteers will do their best to get all the videos up! Just as the larger Project for Awesome, videos are available for viewing for the first time on December 17th. Before this date videos will be hidden.

1.Upload your video to your own YouTube page
2.Fill in any desired details or links into the description box below your video
3.Mark the video as “unlisted”
4.Email the link to
5.We will email you confirmation of your video being uploaded to our YouTube page
(feel free to email us again if you do not receive a reply within a timely manner)

We encourage you to connect with us on Social Media. By sharing pictures of your work we can help to promote your project!




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