Video Structure

Kitshouse 2012 Project for Awesome Video Structure

We remind you that in general, the yearly Project for Awesome on youtube is a grassroots movement to support non-profits, charities, and ideas of all kinds that, in the words of nerdfighteria, “Decrease world suck”.  These videos are from the heart, and do not need to be polished or ‘perfect’.

The P4A video itself must of no more than 4 minutes.  That said, we know that sometimes when you upload a video to youtube it will add a second or two on, so we will give a 20 second grace to accommodate that.

All videos must be have content that would be considered with in the G rating category as this is an all ages challenge.

The theme of this year’s challenge is “Community: What’s it to you?”.  Other than that we leave the subject open to the creativity and expression of the participants.  You may wish to talk about your social, work, sports artistic, online or cultural community experiences. You may want to talk about past or current community experiences, stories or volunteering, or perhaps you want to talk about what you want to see in regards to future community building in your neighbourhood or city.  You may want to shoot live action or create animation, work alone or in a group.  We leave these things up to your imagination and interests.  But more than anything, HAVE FUN!! =D


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