Volunteer Opportunities

Kits House Project for Awesome: A Community Building Video Project

Any person or team making a KitshouseP4A is eligible for volunteer hours which can be counted towards any high school requirements, resume or other programs. However, participants much sign up as kitshouse volunteers. Email for more details. Outside of that, it is not required that KitshouseP4A participants be official kitshouse volunteers.

On top of that; below you will find THREE different real world applications for volunteers in the interested in the areas of video creation support support, tech support, community building and social media engagement for the Kits House Project for Awesome (P4A).

Based on our learning from the last two years, we are looking for volunteers in THREE different areas throughout the year to support our video-makers, volunteers to engage community more widely on social media and volunteers to offer tech support in various areas as the project progresses. The breakdown of these opportunities are included in separate sections below.
Here are some links to what we have done in past years.

Youtube with the videos from 2012, 2013 and 2014

Kits House Project for Awesome Website





Kits House Project for Awesome: A Community Building Video Project

If you are interested in video creation or support, tech support, community building, or social media the Kits House Project for Awesome crew is currently seeking volunteers for THREE different areas. The positions are Video Creation Support, Social Media Coordinator, and Technical Support. All Members will be supported by a Project for Awesome Lead, a Kits House staff member, and volunteer mentors.

Time Requirements-Volunteers may choose when and how long they wish to support the project, from 1-2 months, or the entire duration depending on interests and availability. We can tailor the volunteer time for the specific needs and availability of each volunteer.

Deadline-December 17th is the start of the P4A so all videos need to be uploaded before then, however videos may be produced at any time. The weeks preceding this date Social Media Coordinators will focus on ensuring people come out to support P4A.

Kits House has been hosting the Project for Awesome video challenge for two years as a way to share community stories and engage people both off and online. Videos are submitted as part of the yearly international Project for Awesome on Youtube from December 17th – 19th with the goal to increase awareness of videos and the different social issues they represent by pushing these videos to the front page and gaining as many likes, comments, and views.

Video Creation Support

As a member of the video creation support team you will be responsible for helping content creators clarify their direction and make sure they are able to tell their story efficiently and effectively. Videos must be less than 4 minutes long.

• Requirements: Video Support members should have a laptop and experience with video editing software as well as a way of capturing audio/video (eg. Webcam). Members should also be friendly, easy to get along with, good problem solvers, and open minded. Ideal candidates will possess interests in areas like journalism, documentary, film making, or communications.
• Benefits: As a member of the Video Support crew you will be helping build your existing problem solving skills and creativity. Videos created throughout the process may also be used for a personal portfolio.

Social Media Coordinators

We are looking for volunteers who will help build interest and support for the Project for Awesome Challenge, attract new content creators, and engage with the community throughout the duration of the challenge. The Social Media team will also help drive likes, comments, and views on videos.

• Requirements: Volunteers should have interests in social media, marketing or communications, and a passion for the community. These volunteers need to be self-starters who are not shy to meet new people, personable, and comfortable communicating both through speech and writing.
• Benefits: Learning and experimenting with ways to use social media to develop ideas, projects, and reputation from the ground up. This project is a great opportunity to network within the community in fun and creative ways. This job would also be great on a resume or university application activity.

Technical Support

We need tech savvy volunteers who are interested in making the tech components of the Kitshousep4a user friendly and getting the videos uploaded and ready to go live for Dec 17 2014.

• Requirements: Computer savvy volunteers who would be helping upload videos and troubleshooting any technical issues that may arise in any area of the KitshouseP4A. Volunteers should be comfortable working with others since they may work with the Social Media Coordinators throughout the project.
• Benefits: These volunteers would gain real world hands on experience diagnosing and troubleshooting technical issues, an experience that will look great on a resume or university application. Volunteers would have leadership support from the Project for Awesome Lead, and a Kits House staff person.


Marcia Doherty, Kits House P4A Tech Team Lead (volunteer)

Emily Palmer, Kits House Staff P4A Supervisor
604-736-3588 ext 27


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