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2015 KitshouseP4A

Very early days for the 2015 KitshouseP4A but since we have had interest already, YES, we are accepting volunteers for our KitshouseP4A team which includes social media, teddy bear stuff, tech stuff and video creation support. If you want to be a video maker, YES, do starting making your video as soon as possible. while they won’t got public till the actual Project for Awesome in Dec (date tba) you can have your volunteer counted (especially important for high school seniors i know) as soon as you submit it to us and we will bank the vid till Dec.

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Last year was Kitshouse’s first year participating and 8 local youth made a fabulous video you can see here. This year Kitshouse is proposing a challenge that people make videos themed “COMMUNITY. WHAT”S IT TO YOU?” with the resulting videos being posted on November 17th where the second part of the challenge engages the public to chose the order we work to push them to the from pages of youtube on Dec 17th by voting with the youtube ‘like’ button, BUT WITH ALL PARTICIPANT VIDEOS BEING POSTED IN THE PROJECT FOR AWESOME ON DECEMBER 17TH!!

All other info can be found at the Kitshouse Project for Awesome wordpress, especially relating to video and challenge specificsdaresbusiness participation, and certification of volunteer hours

We will be organizing some community workshops to support the Kits House Project for Awesome Youtube Video Challenge. We would like to organize workshop(s) in the Fall and want to hear from you on what you are interested in learning about. Please click here and fill out our quick survey.

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