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Here it is, at long last, the K
remember the project for awesome goes for 48 hours starting dec 11 9am pst. the more likes, views and comments the more likely kitshouse might be to be eligible for donations from the FOUNDATION TO DECREASE WORLD SUCK. Vote here to help Kits House possibly get up to $50000 in donations

and yes, that is an actual thing!

here is the video

here is the project for awesome


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2015 KitshouseP4A

Very early days for the 2015 KitshouseP4A but since we have had interest already, YES, we are accepting volunteers for our KitshouseP4A team which includes social media, teddy bear stuff, tech stuff and video creation support. If you want to be a video maker, YES, do starting making your video as soon as possible. while they won’t got public till the actual Project for Awesome in Dec (date tba) you can have your volunteer counted (especially important for high school seniors i know) as soon as you submit it to us and we will bank the vid till Dec.

questions or interest or

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Banyen Books and Sound-“Love, Wisdom, and Beauty”-July 28th

With many of our volunteers on adventures abroad I took down to 4th and Dunbar to talk with the founder and owner of Banyen Books and Sound, Kolin Lymworth.

IMG_20140728_134753    IMG_20140728_134636

Banyen Books was initially opened in 1970 by Kolin at the age of 21 after returning from a trip to India. As the business grew so did Banyen’s array of goods and services it provides. Originally, Banyen Sound was Kolin’s other front, but was eventually combined both stores. Now adays, Banyen offers supplemental products such as yoga equipment, incense, and audio/video equipment.

What is it that makes Banyen unique? Originally Kolin was in search of readings about the spiritual and healing traditions of the world. Since 1970, the selection has grown to provide readings about topics such as yoga, diets, and a plethora of other options from around the world. Beyond it all though, Kolin strives to provide a place of solitude and escape, a place where people can come to be free.

“Banyen is a portal for beauty”

Banyen Books and Sounds is the epitome of community. The very name of the store stems from Kolin’s trip to India in which he found the shade of Banyen trees brought people together. These trees are often found around temples and spiritual grounds where people seek to ways to enhance their lives. Kolin wanted to represent these same traditions at his store, thus the name Banyen Books was born. This name perfectly matched Kolin’s passions for poetry and the pursuit of knowledge as well as his thirst for bringing people together.

Kolin has worked hard over the past 44 years to find ways of strengthening the Kitsilano community by helping bring people closer together. Banyen holds weekly events, often 2-3, free of charge to the public that range from author signings to yoga clinics. When it comes to his staff Kolin doesn’t expend any less energy. Every year Kolin hosts a party for all the staff to indulge in during summer and winter. Staff members get together on their own as well, often playing music together or seeking out ever more products to bring to the store.

“We are nature, part of nature. Our nature is to be together”

If it wasn’t evident already, Kolin is deeply passionate about finding ways of helping people live more fulfilling lives. Through this it is easy to understand why Kolin continues to build and mold Banyen Books.

Kolin was unlike any of the previous men I have had the pleasure of interviewing before. From the long grey beard, Hawaiian shirt, and khaki shorts you could always tell Kolin had some piece of wisdom he wanted to impart on you. This is what made Kolin so fascinating and interesting, he always spoke in broad terms that left so much to be desired. In the end though it was always clear that Kolin is passionate about building community and he will never stop in his search for information.

“I want to get people together in person in more meaningful ways.”

If you need a place of solitude and relaxation then head to Banyen Books! There are plenty of treasures waiting on the shelves for you to find! Take up yoga or learn more about spiritual healing during their upcoming events!

Most importantly, check back for more blogs from the P4A Crew!

IMG_20140728_134536    IMG_20140728_134558

For more info check out their website: Banyen Books and Sound

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2014 Kits House P4A

So you’re excited to be involved the 2014 Kits House P4A! We are too. You can make a video, post a dare, volunteer for the tech team, or all of the above! We haven’t set the theme yet so we would love your suggestions so take the poll linked below. We will be looking to have free one on one video making support again in some form.

Speaking of which, we need budding journalists, documentarians, and videographers who want to share their talents and help members of the community who do not have editing and storytelling experience to use this medium. This enables people who would not otherwsie be able to share their shine and tell their stories, and that inspires others and helps foster community! Plus you get accredited volunteer hours.

We would love to create a video equipment lending library so donations for that and for the video creation support process are greatly appreciated!

Also we always need volunteers on the Kits House P4A tech team to manage social media, help with video creation support, and various tech stuff.

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Kits House P4A Video Making 2014

Do you believe in community building? Do you have a great project, volunteer gig, or group of people you hang with? If so, we would love for you to make a Kits House Project for Awesome Video! Do you feel afraid of the editing tech? No worries! All you have to do is capture your raw video footage with a device as simple as your camera phone and we have volunteers to help with the rest (and yes you can be one of those volunteers if you have video tech skills!!). We even have a microphone you can borrow! Videos will be banked and are submitted as part of the yearly international Project for Awesome on Youtube on December 17th with the goal to get as many people to like/comment and view these stories as possible and in so doing inspire more fun community connections! The power of you sharing your story is so powerful, so come on, get involved. Tell us, “Community; What’s it to you?”


Volunteer Opportunities, 2014

Community Building Video Project: Kits House Project for Awesome

Any person or team making a KitshouseP4A is eligible for volunteer hours which can be counted towards any high school requirements, resume or other programs. However, participants much sign up as kitshouse volunteers. Email for more details. Outside of that, it is not required that KitshouseP4A participants be official kitshouse volunteers.

On top of that; below you will find THREE different real world applications for volunteers in the interested in the areas of video creation support support, tech support, community building and social media engagement for the Kits House Project for Awesome (P4A).

Based on our learning from the last two years, we are looking for volunteers in THREE different areas throughout the year to support our video-makers, volunteers to engage community more widely on social media and volunteers to offer tech support in various areas as the project progresses. The breakdown of these opportunities are included in separate sections below.
Here are some links to what we have done in past years.

Youtube with the videos from 2012, 2013 and 2014
<a href=”; title=”; target=”_blank”></a>

Kits House Project for Awesome Website
<a href=”; target=”_blank”></a&gt;

<a href=”; target=”_blank”></a&gt;

<a href=”; target=”_blank”></a&gt;

<a href=”; target=”_blank”></a&gt;


Volunteer Opportunity #1: VIDEO MAKING SUPPORT
We are looking for video making support for people who are afraid of the technology and/or the story telling components of the project. People would bring their raw footage and or pictures and a video support person who would help them clarify the story idea and develop it into a video that is 4 minutes long or less.

Interests in areas like journalism, documentary, film making, communications or social media. These video support folks would need to have a laptop with video editing software and knowledge of that software, some sort of video/audio capture tech in case the raw footage the video-makers bring needs some gaps filled in, and good people skills.

These people would be practicing their leadership and technical skills as they empower community members to see the value in their stories, experiences, and activities. Students would have support from the Project for Awesome Lead, a Kits House staff person, and a storytelling mentor who was supported video makers in the 2013 Kits House P4A. The video support team will ideally be working with a wide cross section of society and so have amazing real world applications for their skills. The rewards would be seeing video makers blossom under their support and encouragement, and seeing the videos go up Dec 17th as part of the larger P4A. They would also have these videos as portfolio pieces.

Volunteers can come in to support the project for a month or two or for the whole of the 2014 P4A depending on their interests and time availability. We can tailor the volunteer time for the specific needs and availability of each volunteer.

December 17th is when the p4a happens so videos need to be up on our Youtube page no later than the weekend before. Videos can be produced at any time.


Volunteer Opportunity #2: SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT
We are looking for social media support to gain video makers and to get people excited to come and participate in the 48 hour Project for Awesome that happens every December 17th.

Interest in areas like social media, marketing or communications plus a passion for community building. These volunteers would need to be self starters with good online communication skills and knowledge or a willingness to learn. They must be people who like connecting and working with others.

These people would get to see real world real time evidence of the power of social mediums. This project is a great opportunity to engage people and groups online in fun and creative ways. Volunteers would have leadership support from the Project for Awesome Lead, and a Kits House staff person. A great resume or university application activity.

Volunteers can come in to support the project for a month or two or for the whole of the 2014 P4A depending on their interests and time availability. We can tailor the volunteer time for the specific needs and availability of each volunteer.

Social media support is needed most during the actual P4A and this year we would love to see some live streaming during the P4A to really encourage and excite people to participate. As the year progresses, the social media support focus changes; first focusing on encouraging people to make videos and then to getting people to come out for the Project for Awesome on December 17th to like/comment and view the stories.


Volunteer Opportunity #3: TECH SUPPORT
We need tech savvy volunteers who are interested in making the tech components of the Kitshousep4a user friendly and getting the videos uploaded and ready to go live for Dec 17 2014.

Computer savvy volunteers who would be problem solving uploads, creating how tos and trouble shooting any other tech components that arise in any area of the KitshouseP4A. They may work with the social media and video creations teams on some areas, and so need some measure of comfort working with others.

These volunteers would get to experience rewarding real world world applications of the power of bridging the tech divide and helping people get over their fear of computer and software arenas so that that can get comfortable using these mediums to connect and build community. Volunteers would have leadership support from the Project for Awesome Lead, and a Kits House staff person. A great resume or university application activity.

Volunteers can come in to support the project for a month or two or for the whole of the 2014 P4A depending on their interests and time availability. We can tailor the volunteer time for the specific needs and availability of each volunteer.


KitshouseP4A tech team Lead (volunteer)

Emily Palmer (Kits House Staff P4A supervisor)
604-736-3588 ext 27

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Last year was the first year for the Kitshouse P4A Challenge and we got 4 wonderful videos you can see here. This year the Kitshouse  P4A Challenge that people make videos themed “CONNECTION. WHAT”S IT TO YOU?” Connection is the building block of community so we are excited to see your connection experiences and thoughts! Once again the fabulous George Orr will be helping any video makers but this time with one on one support so all you have to do it get your raw footage!!!

Remember all participating videos will be posted THE PROJECT FOR AWESOME ON DECEMBER 17TH!!

All other info can be found at the Kitshouse Project for Awesome wordpress, especially relating to video and challenge specificsdaresbusiness participation, and certification of volunteer hours

We will be organizing some community workshops and one on one sessions to support the Kits House Project for Awesome Youtube Video Challenge

Kitshouse P4A Info Video

Kitshouse P4A How To Video