P4A Dares

P4A Dares
Kitshouse Project for Awesome participants, groups or businesses and the general public are encouraged to dare others to participate.  For example, Kitshouse employees are signing up for a mid January dare (looks like it will January 17th) that if we receive 10 videos they will wear pajamas to work.  As with any dare, pictures or it didn’t happen!!  We encourage others to pick a comment or like count and come in this P4A pajama day, or come up with some other fabulous dare! If you want to donate, then penny a comment up to whatever amount you want to donate is a fun P4A dare.  Really, as long as it is PG and you are having fun with it, the sky is the limit.

Vancity employees at the westside branch are going to wear tacky sweaters to work on Dec 18th if the video two of their employees made gets 100 comments before the morning of Dec 18th. Kitshouse employees are coming in on this dare and saying that plus if each video received gets 25 comments they will do the same

Please let us know about your dare either here on the wordpress, or the Kitshouse P4A facebook or twitter, or make a video (yes you can pay someone to make a DARE VIDEO if you like!) and link us to it, so we can share that on the P4A youtube page!

Kits House staff fulfil their tacky sweater dare. Jan 17 they have to wear pajamas to work!!
tacky sweater dare 2013 kitshouse staff

Vancity staff fulfil their tacky sweater dare from this video
/2011/11/vancity-dare-fulfilled-2013.jpg”>vancity dare fulfilled 2013


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