Marcia, your P4A volunteer

It occurs to me that it might help people feel more comfortable participating in the Kitshouse Project for Awesome (P4A) Challenge if they knew a bit more about the chick who is spearheading it xD. Yup, that would be me.  I’ve been volunteering at one thing or another for decades now (yes I’m ancient, leave me alone =P), but only at Kitshouse these past few years.

It was actually kind of an accident that I ended up with Kitshouse, for I knew very little about it.  I usually switch up my volunteer gigs every 7-8 years, and I was getting a reference from a Kitshouse staffer for an application (I donated my time to do a Stress Management Workshop for mums she had under her wing) and she was all ‘You’re looking for a new volunteer gig?? You’d be great working with our youth!”.  And since I am not immune to the flattery of being wooed, and the more I learned about Kitshouse, the more it excited me, I was open to some meet ups with their staff and youth, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But how did I go from being a youth focused volunteer to spearheading the Kitshouse P4A you might ask?  Well, the youth program went on summer break not long after I signed up, and since I am a nerdfighter (a community based all ages very inclusive, creative, smart and fun online community that spawned the P4A) I knew right away that the community based focus of Kitshouse was in total sync with the purpose of the P4A, and I felt it was a great way to get people engaged and connecting with each other, as well as telling their stories and in so doing sharing their shine, and so the Kitshouse P4A was spawned!!

I have to admit, all my Kitshouse P4A-ing has been a lot more work that I imagined it would be, especially since I am only a tech geekling, but it all has been teaching me soooo much, and I feel like expanding Kitshouse P4A Challenge into a larger conversation about belonging and participation, has such community building potential that I keep plugging along, spreading the word =D

Me without my specs, and a fair bit slimmer xD


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