Free Storytelling and Video-making Sessions 2014

We are offering FREE sessions to support people to make videos for the Kits House Project for Awesome Video Challenge. George and his volunteers will work with your raw video  footage to create a short digital story. This year’s theme for the video-making challenge is ‘CONNECTION’

Cost: FREE

Please RSVP to

We are booking appointments to work one-on-one or in small groups to create your video. If you are interested please contact Emily at 604-736-3588 ext. 27 or

George Orr –  Video Support Team Lead 

Video Message from George

George Orr is an award-winning documentary film-maker whose professional career has focused on finding and telling compelling stories. From his beginning as a working journalist, and then as an educator who has taught the majority of broadcast and video-journalists in British Columbia, George has become a proponent of backpack journalism. With his training and guidance, you will gain the insight needed to use the modern technology to tell stories that will draw in the viewer, and entertain and engage your community.

For more information about the Kits House Project for Awesome Video Challenge visit:



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