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There are two Project for Awesome vids submitted into the KITSHOUSEP4A this year that put the charities they represent in the running large donations for if only they get enough votes.  if you can vote and share with your social circles that would be, well… awesome!

HOW TO P4A: go to the links below, and vote! you only can vote once per vid but you can vote on as many videos as you like. The P4A only lasts 48 hours, ie till 9am Dec 11 pst, so share this will all your friends and colleagues!
WHY P4A? The nonprofits you vote on are put in the running for receiving what is now over $600000 in donations and counting.  We are encouraging you to vote for the links below which support Kitshouse and Vancouver Folk Music Festival created by a P4A-er who volunteers for both.

Author: kitshouseprojectforawesome

Project for Awesome is a fun international charity hack of youtube to decrease world suck. For 48 hours in December, people from all over the world post videos of their favorite charities, non-profits, or any idea the decreases world suck, and other people view, rate, and comment REPEATEDLY favorite their video until these videos take over the most talked about pages of youtube, usurping cats flushing toilets and the like. This increases visibility for these non-profits and in so doing participation and donations for them.

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