Lets Get Blogging-The P4A Blog Begins!

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Hey everyone welcome to the Kits House Project for Awesome blog where we will be sharing our experiences interviewing local Kitsilano businesses on what community means to them! The Kitsilano community is full of passionate small businesses that take pride in supporting the community. We are hoping to provide an inside look into these businesses to see how they strengthen their communities. Shirley, Rojina, and I (Michael) have specifically picked businesses that are loyal to the community and passionate about their craft.

If you think you know someone who strengthens our community leave a comment or a message telling us what makes them so special!


Author: kitshouseprojectforawesome

Project for Awesome is a fun international charity hack of youtube to decrease world suck. For 48 hours in December, people from all over the world post videos of their favorite charities, non-profits, or any idea the decreases world suck, and other people view, rate, and comment REPEATEDLY favorite their video until these videos take over the most talked about pages of youtube, usurping cats flushing toilets and the like. This increases visibility for these non-profits and in so doing participation and donations for them.

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