P4A 2011 Challenges

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Kitshouse Project for Awesome participants are encouraged to challenge others to participate.  For example if a group or business is spending 15 minutes per person then they could calculate the total time and challenge another group of business to match them!  Also groups and individuals can make challenges based on how many comments or views the video receives.  These challenges can range from the silly to the profound.  In past years various videos have included people cutting their hair for LOCKS FOR LOVE, running marathons, and making donations. Let your imaginations soar!


Author: kitshouseprojectforawesome

Project for Awesome is a fun international charity hack of youtube to decrease world suck. For 48 hours in December, people from all over the world post videos of their favorite charities, non-profits, or any idea the decreases world suck, and other people view, rate, and comment REPEATEDLY favorite their video until these videos take over the most talked about pages of youtube, usurping cats flushing toilets and the like. This increases visibility for these non-profits and in so doing participation and donations for them.

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